Vision & Mission - Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh

Dementia Help Line

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is being deeply committed to create a society where the dementia affected people will be best served in improving their quality of life and to help of their caregivers.

ASB strongly believes in bottom-up integrated and innovative approaches by working hand-in-hand with the people living with dementia, their families and caregivers.


  • Increasing awareness and understanding of dementia
  • Imparting  Education and Training
  • Defeating dementia through research.
  •  Advocating on behalf of people living with dementia
  •  Introducing treatment and caregiver plans
  •  Developing a dementia friends group (volunteers and caregivers)
  • Networking and collaborative with other organizations
    Our Values :
    • Respect for all individuals and community
    • Cooperative working relationship
    • Innovation, creativity and flexibility
    • Valuating the contribution of all people in involved in our work
    • Strength and unity with respect of people under diversities
  • ASB is deeply committed to work with people suffering from dementia in improving the quality of their lives and of their caregivers.